Formulas in a term paper

Formulas in a term paper are not only found in technical university projects.

Formulas in a term paper are not only found in technical university projects.

Some of them can be written using the usual symbols, but most require a special record, for which you need to be able to use special functions of computer programs.

To insert a formula into a term paper, use one of the following methods:

Create a formula in Word: select the "Insert" section of the top menu, there find the "Formula" button. The editor that opens contains all the tools to create even complex formulas that contain special characters.

If calculations are performed in Excel and formulas are already created there, just copy EssayAssistant writers help and paste them into the appropriate place in the document.

Formulas can be inserted as drawings. To do this, select the "Insert" tab in the top menu, and there select the "Pictures" button. It is important to do the right scale and arrange them as formulas, not images.

Formulas in a term paper pay special attention to the formulas, because they pay attention to them when checking. The requirements for registration are given in the methodical instructions, but they are usually the same for all universities, with a few differences.

Formulas draw up in a separate line, assigning a number in parentheses, for example, (10). Formulas are aligned in the center or left edge, the number is placed closer to the right, so that it is visible when looking through the work at a glance. The formula and the number should be placed on the same line.

Numbering formulas through or its own in each section. If you number the formulas through, you put one number, for example (13). If the numbering is separate - two: the first means the number of section, the second - the number of formula, separates them with a dot, for example, (2.13).

The same font and size as the rest of the text is used to denote formulas.

Common letters and abbreviations are used to denote values. Explanation of values is given below the formula. If it is not necessary to decipher values, a point is placed after the formula, and a comma is placed after the formula.

In the transcription, each value is indicated on a new line, making sure that they are placed one below the other. To do this, the word "where" is written without indentation, the first value is described immediately after it, and the rest are aligned with the first value.

Formulas are present both in the theoretical and practical part of the work, and they are also taken out in the presentation and appendices. Their correct design and correct appearance give the text a scientific professional form and make a good impression on the teacher.


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